The next book in the Sydney sagas

Hi there and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The next book of the Sydney sagas is here: Chummy, Chuckles and the Chap.

J played a large part in the completion of book, and it is thanks to her that it is presented in a coherent fashion. J says that it is best viewed and read in full screen mode

You are welcome to copy it on to anyone you think may enjoy it.

Best wishes for Christmas and 2023.


L and J

PS The Zephyr and Me is available from Amazon as a Kindle book. Please buy it. The sales figures could do with a hurry up.

PPS: If you are unsure of how to get to full screen mode, try this: Click on Tools (or the double arrows on the far right of the pdf bar), and then click on presentation mode. This should take you directly to full screen mode. To exit full screen mode, click Esc on your keyboard. Let us know how this works for you.

Drum roll . . . they’re back

The story continues. L has been persuaded to pick up the pencils. We all hope he’ll be funny this time. We also hope the editor manages a working link to Still Dithering. Otherwise, despite the fervent wishes of Chummy, it will all remain a figment of the imagination. Unlike previous series, Still Dithering, is presented in book form rather than individual blog postings. Enjoy.

The rumours are swirling

August 7, 2022

Long time, no posts from Sydney or any of the others, but there’s rumours swirling about the imminent return of one or two or maybe even all of them. How soon and in what form, who knows? One rumour is that their next appearance will be in the form of a book. Not sure how they’ll manage that on a blog post but maybe Syd is smarter than he looks and has learnt the trick of linking — just like this: More Travel, Less Travail. Check it out, see if it works.