The rumours are swirling

August 7, 2022

Long time, no posts from Sydney or any of the others, but there’s rumours swirling about the imminent return of one or two or maybe even all of them. How soon and in what form, who knows? One rumour is that their next appearance will be in the form of a book. Not sure how they’ll manage that on a blog post but maybe Syd is smarter than he looks and has learnt the trick of linking — just like this: More Travel, Less Travail. Check it out, see if it works.

One thought on “The rumours are swirling

  1. Are you in the S Is? Any snow?

    Here’s a pic from Oturehua. Heavy fall there.

    Roderick (Jo) Bunce PhD

    72 Barnard St Wadestown Wellington NZ 6012

    +64 (0) 21 024 195 04


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