One thought on “Rustic mash

  1. Lewie I have been searching for something I could comment on positively and when it comes to food I often feel a deep affinity with you. Interesting mash mix. Having been brought up with the need to peel and clean root veges it was a shock to learn a decade or so ago when visiting the UK to learn they cooked such veg with the skin on! Once I began I haven’t stopped and now chop up the veggies skin and all. Saves time and adds colour.

    However an issue of equity arises and perhaps J should be more encouraged and allowed to contribute to your mutual nutritional needs. A bit hypocritical I confess, after 40 years of it being Margot’s kitchen for the last 10 years it’s been my kitchen.

    Unusual times. Have walked our neighbourhood more in the last month than the previous 6 years. My attire though is somewhat more restrained than your PJ attire, after all this is Southland.

    Enjoy these times it for what it is.


    M & M


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