Across the Tasman on STS Tenacious

The barque STS Tenacious left Melbourne, Australia, with me onboard, on Monday 4 December at about 1100 hours, bound for Auckland, New Zealand. Before arriving in Melbourne, the ship had sailed out from Southampton in the United Kingdom. Her departure from Melbourne was the beginning of the long trek back home via Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands.

I was on Tenacious because the Jubilee Sailing Trust emailed offering a berth for the voyage from Melbourne through to Auckland. I had just six days to get it together and fly across to join the ship. Getting it together was a bit of a mission, not least because of the travel insurance requirement. None of the readily available providers did other than draw breath and then decline as I described the voyage and the ship.

To read the full story, go to Tenacious: Melbourne to Auckland


From the archive: SMS #68

SMS68 #2 Canadian train behing trees
From the archive. The train is heading for Toronto. This is not the view we got because we were in the train. When you see posters of trains travelling through mighty landscapes remember the view from the train is much less vast. There again we liked the trains in Canada; rushing through the night, being called for dinner, seated then served and leaving the washing up to others.

Home perm: SMS #67

SMS67#2 Home perm
J said the home perm kit had to be used. I said I wasn’t all that thrilled. She said even though it’s called a perm, it will grow out. I asked how long, she said about six feet. Sydney keeps shouting curly at me. I am trying to imagine life without him. Stupid bird.